Tagter.com offer special price products to those who joined us where the price is much cheaper than normal retail price. Let's look at the few products below:



Further Discount On Top Of Special Price

Tagter.com offer you Further Discount Of Up To 15% on top of special price by redeeming your TagPoint when you purchase products listed in Tagter.com.


Apple iPhone 11 64GB
Normal Price : RM 3,399.00
Member Price
RM 3,299.00
or up to
*RM 2,804.10
4,949 TagPoint
Example of how TagPoint can be redeemed

➪ You want to buy Apple iPhone 11 64GB; Retail Price: RM 3,399.00; Member Price: RM 3,299.00

Senario 1: Assume that you have 10,000 TagPoint (with the value of 10,000 x RM 0.10 = RM 1,000.00)

Maximum Product Discount (15%) can be redeemed from TagPoint up to RM 494.90

➪ TagPoint needed for maximum discount: 4,949 TagPoint

4,949 TagPoint will be deducted from your total TagPoint (10,000 TagPoint)

➪ The final selling price will be RM 3,299.00 (Member Price) - RM 494.90 (Discount from TagPoint) = RM 2,804.10

Senario 2: Assume that you have 100 TagPoint (with the value of 100 x RM 0.10 = RM 10.00)

➪ Your total TagPoint Value is RM 10.00 which is less than Maximum Product Discount (15%)

➪ You can redeem all your total TagPoint for discount: 100 TagPoint

➪ All your total TagPoint (100 TagPoint) will be deducted.

➪ The final selling price will be RM 3,299.00 (Member Price) - RM 10 (Discount from TagPoint) = RM 3,289.00

3 Ways To Earn Your TagPoint:

Source 1:
Internet Broadband Subscription

You earn TagPoint when the internet broadband subscription that you submitted to Tagter.com is activated.

Source 2:
Product Purchasing

TagPoint will be issued for each product you purchased.

Source 3:
Your Partners From Your Network

You earn TagPoint when your partners from your network (3 levels down) submit internet broadband subscription to Tagter.com or purchase products listed in Tagter.com.



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