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We design tagter.com to suit all of you who wish to get the best price products and services, earn a commission, gain rewards and other coming features.
You are welcome to join our big family.

Special Price Products

We have special member price products for Tagter.com members.

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Internet Broadband Commission

You may earn commission by helping your customers to apply internet broadband services.

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Rewards - TagPoint

TagPoint will be issued to you for your unbelievable price off when you purchase our products or apply internet broadbanad services.

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Network Expansion

You may expand your network up to 3 levels down.

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Overidding Commission And Rewards

Overriding commission and rewards from network.

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Income Unlock Formula

We have a simple formula for you to follow

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Special Price Products

We have special member price products for Tagter.com members. Tagter.com member price is much cheaper than retail price. Let's look at the sample below:



Internet Broadband Commission

We offer services for Tagter.com members to sell or to subscribe. These services include internet broadband services, broadcasting services, mobile telecommunication services, and other coming services. Tagter.com members can earn a commission from the service subscriptions.

For example:

Step 1. Sell or Subscribe

You have a customer who wants to subscribe to Time Fiber 500Mbps for 24 months contract (Monthly RM139) and you submit this application in Tagter.com.

Step 2. Installation & Activation

Your customer's service installed and activated in good condition.

Step 3. Commission Paid

Tagter.com will pay you (RM139 x 150% = RM208.50) as commission for this application. You can view the full commission rate after you join and log in to Tagter.com.





Rewards - TagPoint

Besides commission, we issue TagPoint to Tagter.com members as well. TagPoint can be used in product purchasing with price-off up to 15% or more in the future.

What can you do with your TagPoint?

Get Unbelievable Price-Off

Your TagPoint can be redeemed as Unbelievable Discount when you purchase the products listed in tagter.com, the more TagPoint you have, the more discount you can get.


Apple iPhone 11 64GB
Normal Price : RM 3,399.00
Member Price
RM 3,299.00
or up to
*RM 2,804.10
4,949 TagPoint
Example of how TagPoint can be redeemed

➪ You want to buy Apple iPhone 11 64GB; Retail Price: RM 3,399.00; Member Price: RM 3,299.00

Senario 1: Assume that you have 10,000 TagPoint (with the value of 10,000 x RM 0.10 = RM 1,000.00)

Maximum Product Discount (15%) can be redeemed from TagPoint up to RM 494.90

➪ TagPoint needed for maximum discount: 4,949 TagPoint

4,949 TagPoint will be deducted from your total TagPoint (10,000 TagPoint)

➪ The final selling price will be RM 3,299.00 (Member Price) - RM 494.90 (Discount from TagPoint) = RM 2,804.10

Senario 2: Assume that you have 100 TagPoint (with the value of 100 x RM 0.10 = RM 10.00)

➪ Your total TagPoint Value is RM 10.00 which is less than Maximum Product Discount (15%)

➪ You can redeem all your total TagPoint for discount: 100 TagPoint

➪ All your total TagPoint (100 TagPoint) will be deducted.

➪ The final selling price will be RM 3,299.00 (Member Price) - RM 10 (Discount from TagPoint) = RM 3,289.00

3 Ways To Gain Your TagPoint:

Source 1: Services Subscription

You get TagPoint when you submit applications to Tagter.com for services such as internet broadband, mobile telecommunication and others.

Source 2: Product Purchasing

TagPoint will be issued for each product you purchased.

Source 3: Your Network

Sales transaction from your network (3 levels down) will generate TagPoint for you non-stop.





Network Expansion

The interesting part of Tagter.com is - you can build and expand your network.

Detail as below:

Invite Others To Join You

It is free to join Tagter.com, you may invite people, as many as possible, to join you. Those who join you directly will be your direct network.

Power of Multiplication

You may enjoy the power of multiplication if you have a stronger network. To achieve this, you expand your network by encouraging your direct network to invite others to join Tagter.com as well.

Enjoy The Benefits of 3 Levels Down Of Your Network

You may enjoy the benefits of having up to 3 levels down of your network. We will discuss the benefits in next section





Who should you invite to join you?

You should invite people who:

Have Existing Network

People with an existing network such as property agents, insurance agents, credit card agents or direct sales agents can duplicate their network in Tagter.com to earn more commission and rewards.

Have Wide Range Of Contacts

People with a wide range of contacts such as salesman, retailers, event organizers can consolidate their contacts into a strong network through Tagter.com and earn more commission & rewards.

Are Existing Service Agents

People who are currently selling services such as internet broadband services, mobile telecommunication services, broadcasting services can also form their network in Tagter.com and manage their sales.



Need Extra Income

People who need extra side income. Internet broadband is a necessity for everyone nowadays. Therefore, it is very easy to get customer to subscribe to internet broadband services. You can just make it a part-time job.

Are Active In Online Marketing or Shopping

People who consume products and services in marketplace regularly. We provide special member price products and huge discount with TagPoint redeemed. TagPoint will keep increasing while their network sales transaction increasing.

Are Your Friends & Family Members

Your friends and family members. We believe everyone needs internet broadband, mobile telco services and discounted price products. Get them all in, earn your commission & rewards.





Overriding Commission and Rewards

This is the most interesting part, you may get Commission and TagPoint even if the customer subscriptions are NOT done by you.
Customer Subscriptions done by any member of your network (Up to 3 levels down), Commission and TagPoint will be issued to you as well.

Let's see how it works and take a look at the scenario below:
Assume that each person invited 10 persons to join and,
Each person subscribe to Time Fiber 500Mbps for 24 months contract (Monthly Fee RM139)
Let's see what happen:

First Level: You
Level 1 Network: 10 persons
Level 2 Network: 100 persons
Level 3 Network: 1,000 persons

Level Total Partner TagPoint Total TagPoint Package Price Rate Commission Total Commission
You 1 20 20 RM139 150% RM208.50 RM208.50
Level 1 (Platinum Partner) 10 10 100 RM139 15% RM20.85 RM208.50
Level 2 (Gold Partner) 100 5 500 RM139 10% RM13.90 RM1,390.00
Level 3 (Silver Partner) 1,000 5 5,000 RM139 5% RM6.95 RM6,950.00
Total TagPoint: 5,620 Total Commission: RM8,757.00





Income Unlock Formula

It is so simple to earn commission & gain rewards from Tagter.com

3 Golden Rules to Unlock Your Income:

Step 1. Join Us & Create Account

You need to sign up as Tagter.com member. It is totally Free!

Step 2. Find Your Prospects

You find people who are interested to earn commission (Your direct partner) or people who need the service in Tagter.com (Your customers)

Step 3. Repeat The Steps

Ask your direct partners to repeat Step 1 and Step 2.


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